Tap Into The Unlimited Wisdom Of Your Soul  While Transforming The Lives Of Others

Get ready for a transformative Akashic

Records program! You'll receive a personalized experience as we meet in a small group live & online for 10 weeks. At the end you will receive a certification and proven marketing tools to build a thriving Akashic Records business

Welcome To The One Awakening

Akashic Records Certification Program-Level One



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A Few Major Highlights

  • Discover The Easy Way To Access And Heal Your Soul's Contract In The Akashic Records...Even If You Don't Consider Yourself Psychic or Intuitive!

  • Permanently Clear The Negative Patterns and Influences In Your Records And Become Unburdened From Your Ongoing Life Problems 

  • Learn To Confidently Read The Akashic Records For Yourself and Others, Gaining A Certification To Use This Never Before Taught Method When The Course Ends

...and much much more. 

Dear Infinite Divine Being,


You landed on this page for a reason. Everything (even the smallest things we do) are happening for a larger, higher and more profound purpose then we could ever imagine.


The truth is somewhere inside, you know that bliss, peace, and prosperity is your birthright and THAT'S why when you're off track with your Souls guidance you feel a slew of negatively charged  emotions. 


This Program Is For You If

You Fit Into At Least One

Of These Categories:

I Want A Deeper Connection To My Soul

 You want a straightforward Akashic system that WORKS and helps you connect to your highest self. You may be tired of feeling so disconnected from others and the world at large. You feel ready to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. 

I Am Purpose Driven

You want to know your purpose or you just want to know how to make your purpose a reality. You are tired of your  job and are ready to finally make a good living while helping others tap into their higher selves. On the flip side, you may be retired and are ready to create a legacy focused life where you are making a powerful difference. 

I Want To Make A  Difference In The World 

You are feeling bogged down by the state of our world and the helplessness around how to change things. You want to make a difference but just don't have the map to help point you in the right direction. (You will now!)

I Am Already A Healer Or Light Worker 

You are already a healer or light worker and want to add the Akashic Records to your practice. Alternatively, you may just be ready to do Akashic Records work with clients as an extra source of income. 





Here's A Fraction Of

What You'll Experience:

  • Develop Confidence in Your Reading Skills

  • Integrate the Soul Contract work with other coaching or healing modalities

  • Learn To Trust Your Intuitive Guidance System and Make Decisions With Ease

  • Tap into your Souls purpose is and learn  how to make it a reality

​This is designed to be a small program to make sure you get lots of one on one support and guidance while building an intimate community of lifelong friendships & connections.  There are currently a few spots left, this will soon become a waitlist request area- 




Value $1500

Investment $895 


Payment Plans Available

For Any Budget-

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Here's A Snapshot Into What You

Will Receive Week By Week:

Every week for 10 weeks, we meet live and online to learn and practice Akashic Records skills together. If you can't make the live sessions, you have unlimited access to the recordings which provide the same benefit. In between sessions there will be activities and tools given to help enhance your psychic abilities while deepening your confidence that your readings are accurate.


You will have access to a Program Portal to access all your materials. You will also receive access to the private Facebook Group to stay connected during the course. 

Week One: Connecting To Your Soul and Intro To The Records

Prepare to launch into the depths the foundations of the Akashic Records.  Step by step you will learn the various spiritual planes/dimensions, the life and death cycle of the Soul and a comprehensive look at the brain wave states and their role in accessing the Records. 

Week Two: Enhanced Mindfulness and Intuition Training  

In this week, you will learn easy and improved ways to silence the mind while learning how to access your intuitive voice within. This straightforward approach helps you to access your intuition within minutes and open the psychic pathways to see, hear, and feel the fullness of the Akashic Records. You will learn your Akashic Records "Reading Style" which will inform your journey forward. 

Week Three: Opening The Portal To The Records

Learn the Akashic Records Integration Method (ARIM) that has never been taught anywhere else. This method includes a specialized prayer and meditation process along with isochronic sound & brainwave technology to guarantee access to the Akashic Records... even if you are a complete newbie! You will also learn specialized dream techniques to journey into the Records while you sleep

Week Four: Exploring The Records Together 

Prepare for a life transforming adventure as we come together to access the Akashic Records while we address any blocks and challenges coming up for you. This is a completely personalized experience as everyone gets to have dedicated Q&A time to make sure you feel as confident as possible in your Records.


Week Five: Records Reading For Others 

We team up together to do readings for one another as that is the best way to recognize that the readings you are doing are accurate and on point! You will learn how to structure the reading to provide the best possible feedback for your loved ones or your clients. Learn how to do readings for your clients from start to finish while addressing any challenges along the way. You'll also learn the differences between in person and distance based readings and how to choose what works best for you based on your reading style. In between sessions you can also choose to team up and do readings for another group member. 

Week Six: Opening Your Soul's Contract 

You will have the opportunity to open and review your Souls Contract in the Akashic Records. Through this journey you will learn how to access past lives that relate to today, discover soul groups, the reason for your difficult relationships, and strengths you are equipped with in order to overcome the challenges in your Souls Contract. Feel deeply into who you really are at your core as we venture into the layers of your Soul, an experience that has the ability to transform your perspective of the world. 

Week Seven: Discovering Your True Souls Purpose  

Travel into the Akashic Records and meet with the Light Beings that help you understand your greater purpose in this lifetime. This journey is a powerful one as it not only helps you to get in touch with the truth of why you are here in this lifetime, but it also helps you to align with the inner and outer requirements that will make your Souls purpose a reality in your life. 

Week Eight: Rewriting Your Souls 


Learn how the Akashic Records can help you clear old traumas from past lives and childhood to release painful emotions such as anxiety and depression (still not a substitute for therapy!:) Discover what can be cleared and rewritten in your Souls Contract and how to avoid creating more "emotional debris" in the future. This process can be easily translated into your Soul Contract work with clients as well. 

Week Nine: Bringing  It All Together  

This week you will have the opportunity to consolidate the information you learned in order to feel the most confident starting work with clients. You'll discover when you know you are ready to start your Akashic Records business and what you need to know to get started.  We will run through the entire process until it feels like second nature to you. You will walk away from the course feeling ready to branch out on your own.  


A certification quiz will be provided at the end of the program to take (don't worry, you are given unlimited opportunities to pass!) and then you will receive your certification and listing on the One Awakening website. 

Week Ten: Bonus Session!

In our last week together we will spend an entire session dedicated to answering all your questions, blocks, and difficulties as well as paving the road for the journey ahead. The guarantee is that you will not leave the program until you feel completely confident in your Akashic Records reading abilities. 


Crystal C. 

I always get a lot out of the workshops-

I actually get something different each time, even when I have taken the same one multiple times! Thank you for teaching me so much, it's given me so  much peace and direction in my life.

Karen K. 

More than I hoped for!-

I really enjoyed the workshop I took and learned a lot about myself through the process. I look forward to learning more and taking future classes.



Amie is an excellent facilitator of sharing-

She has a gift of connecting and creating a level of comfort in a group and I really enjoy the classes I've taken with her. 


I love Amie's classes-

She sets the tone for a wonderful and supportive environment. I have learned so much about myself and I continue to learn more and more each class. It helps that there is always so much support. 

Ann C

I feel much more in touch with my intuition and my soul-

Amie makes the class experience very easy and direct. The contribution of group members also has been very helpful for me in recognizing how individual and unique we all are. 

Sarah G. 

Amie is a wonderful guide-

A safe place is created to explore and my experience is reinforced. I always gain insights and new messages for my journey and growth. 

 I am the founder of One Awakening and a holistic/spiritual psychotherapist in California specializing in trauma work and Neurofeedback.  I have taught hundreds of classes, courses and readings on the Akashic Records.


I encountered the Akashic Records ten years ago after seeking answers to the seemingly unanswerable questions in life.  Like many of you, my spiritual awakening journey has been filled with a series of significant losses, wake up calls, and dark nights of the soul. Through the Records, I discovered my purpose was to help others awaken to their spiritual divinity, to ultimately shatter the glass of illusions that keeps us stuck in suffering and disconnected as human beings.


I received the calling to bring this integrative Akashic Records method to the world so that it may alleviate the heightened amount of suffering being experience on the planet. 


May this program bring light and love to your heart and the hearts of those you meet! 


Amie Escher, MA, LMFT

CEO of One Awakening 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I guarantee you will find this program valuable. If you dedicate your time and energy to this training and don't feel that it was for you, just let me know within 30 days from purchase and I'll refund every penny. 



Marketing Material For Your Akashic Records Practice 

You will receive bonus step by step guides to help you find your Akashic Records clients and market to them on social media and in your local community. 

How To Know What To Charge For Services Worksheet

Talking about money can be uncomfortable, I show you the ways to set the rates that make sense for your business and provide an easy script to have money conversations with clients. 

Guidelines For How To Integrate This Method Into Your Current Business 

If you have a coaching, energy healing, or holistic practice, I will show you how to integrate this work with the clients you already see 

​This is designed to be a small program to make sure you get lots of one on one support and guidance while building an intimate community of lifelong friendships & connections.  There are currently a few spots left, this will soon become a waitlist request area- 



Value $1500

Investment $895 


Payment Plans Available

For Any Budget-


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