Awaken Your Intuitive Powers

Break through Old Patterns , 

Align With Your Intuitive Self 

What if you felt confident and completely at ease when you needed to make a decision? And what if you intuitively knew that you were on track with your life purpose...

Even when the unexpected challenges of life came your way? 

Here's The Truth. 

It's 100% Possible

(and I can show you how)

    Does Any Of This

    Sound Familiar? 

  • You're Constantly Second Guessing Yourself 

    Your inner dialogue might be something like:

    "Should I….?

    ”What would happen if I …”

    "I shouldn't have done that.." 

    "I don't know what to do!!!" 

    “Ugh...I’m so stuck”

  • You're Afraid To Make a Choice That You'll Regret Later

    Because that important choice you need to make may create a life of terrible pain and suffering for you…or….a life of bliss. 

  • You Don't Feel on Track With Your Life Purpose

    Something in your life still feels…off. You have a burning desire to tap into your life purpose yet you are still stuck in the same place

  • You Take One Step Forward, Only To Take Two Steps Back

    It's easier to tap into your intuition when life is going as planned AND THEN...Life gets chaotic, it trips you up and makes you forget all you learned before. Yet there is a way to never forget your intuitive powers again, even in the hardest of times. 

   The Truth Is...

We Can Be Certain Of 2 Things In Life: 


 *Life is unpredictable, change is inevitable and we can’t control any of it! (This is the bad news)


* You have the wisdom of your intuition deep within- you just have to know how to access it. It is your inner map for the ups and downs of life. (This is the good news!)

   Take A Moment &

Imagine If..

You woke up tomorrow and your whole day was planned out with things you LOVE to do. You reflect on your past and feel a sense of ease and accomplishment. All as a result of following you intuitive path, you are now becoming aligned with your highest purpose for this life. 

When life became hectic and difficult to handle that you moved forward with a sense of resilience and grace-

no longer dependent on circumstances to determine your happiness. (Poof) Anxiety and depression…GONE. 


You trusted every decision you made, even the ones you had to make quickly and under pressure. How great would it feel to be that in tune with yourself? To know for sure that your intuition is guiding the way?

Your relationships, career, and finances felt completely on track. As if you knew you were heading down the right path- feeling unstoppable in your confidence and creativity to manifest the life you desire.

   Guess What? 

You can tap into your intuition by simply learning and using the right tools that have been proven to work (especially in difficult times).  Awaken To Your Intuitive Powers Course will help you learn to connect with your intuition for the rest of your life.  How's that for transformation? :) 

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Amie is an excellent facilitator- She has a gift of connecting and creating a level of comfort in a group and I really enjoy the classes I've taken with her. 

J.M. Mills

  Prior to meeting Amie, I always had difficulty with meditation, especially seeing visuals. With Amie's help, I learned that it's  possible for me to meditate and I have learned what a powerful tool it is. Amie is one of the rare teachers who is without judgment and allows you to explore in a safe and nurturing environment.  

Trust your intuition is my step-by-step course  where I teach you my well-tested and highly effective system to stop second guessing yourself, and know 100% FOR SURE that your intuition is guiding the way. 


Discover all the tools and resources I’ve taught to hundreds of clients and students—all simple, actionable ways to get out of that head of yours and into the perspective of your Soul. 

Crystal C. 

I love your classes! I actually get something different each time, even when I have taken the same one multiple times! Thank you for teaching me so much, it's given me so  much peace and direction in my life.

Karen K. 

I really enjoyed the classes I took I took and learned a lot about myself through the process. I love Amie's teaching style and I look forward to taking future classes.

IS IT REALLY ( I mean really…?) Possible To Never Second Guess Myself Again To Truly Tap Into My Intuition At Any Time? 

Big YES!! 


I understand the fears. The what if this is just another course, feeling. The truth is, I used to feel the same way. I have taken many courses online and while I learned something each time, only a few have been truly transformative. I decided to use the power of my intuition to create this course for you, knowing that it will be a transformative experience that will provide life long tools that you'll never forget. 


I wanted a quick and easy way to get in touch with my intuition so I used my therapeutic and spiritual background to create a process that WORKED. 


I experimented with my clients to see if it also worked for them and I was AMAZED!! quicker results from sessions…in less the time. Finally, I could help others with this problem too. 


By using the tools and resources in this course, my life changed drastically. Before this, I was full of anxiety, second guessing myself constantly. But now…I smile at the ego mind knowing I will never be in the grip of it again. Transformation is possible, yes, even for YOU. 

So, What's Included? 

  • 6 Training Modules

    Six training modules- released weekly so you never receive too much at once (no overwhelm!)  You’ll learn the easy to implement intuitive building  tools right away and you can implement them quickly

  • Simplistic Content Delivery 

    The modules include videos, audio, transcripts, and worksheet downloads. This is different from most courses on the subject, everything is actionable and provided step by step so it’s easily digestible (Phew, who needs more stress right??) 

  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates 

    You'll receive lifetime access and free updates to the course. I regularly check the course to see if there is anything I can improve, you will always have the most updated information 

Module 1: Intuition As Your Natural State Of Being 

Discover the truth about what intuition REALLY is- it’s not what you expect.  You’ll also learn the unmistakable signs that you are in tune with your intuition and the most important overlooked fact about intuition.  You’re in for a surprise.

Module 2: The Major Types Of Intuition

Gain clarity on the major intuitive types BEYOND the 4 Clairs while discovering the #1 way your intuition communicates with you. Learn proven intuition building techniques that are guaranteed to strengthen that connection.

Module 3: The Role of Fear and Trauma 

Learn how fear blocks you from receiving communication from your intuition and specific ways to break through this. 

Discover the various layers of trauma we experience as human beings and powerful chakra clearing tools to set yourself free from the past. 

Module 4: Break Free of Old Patterns In Your Mind

Discover the in depth ego mind patterns that keep you separated from your intuitive self.  The tools and resources are provided to track and change these patterns resulting in a  re-wiring of your brain!! (This is such a important module!!) You'll uncover the model of your Higher Self + Sub-personalities (parts of you) to see why you are stuck, AND specific ways to move forward. 

Module 5: Deepening Mindfulness and Intuition

Tap into the power of mindfulness on your brain and how it strengthens intuition. Discover unique techniques to create and sustain a simple to implement meditation practice at home (even if you think you're too busy!) You’ll be taken on a  beautiful visual meditation journey that helps to strengthen your third eye, leading you to the stillness and peace deep within. 

Module 6: Permanently Bridge The Connection With Your Intuitive Self 

This one is really power packed! You will receive TONS of helpful resources to meet your intuitive self to find news ways of communicating in your daily life. You’ll create a specific plan with this intuitive self to stay on track no matter what life throughs your way. At the end, you will have the opportunity to merge with this intuitive self so you'll never feel alone again.

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Breaking Through Challenging Emotions Exercise 

Our emotions can be hard to decipher, especially when we are feeling multiple emotions at the same time. In this exercise, you will be able to identify what your feeling, where it’s coming from in your body, as well as learning to accept and surrender instead of fighting how you feel. When we surrender to how we feel we create space for healing.

The Acceptance Map Guidebook

This one of a kind workbook will help you deepen your intuitive abilities by walking you through a step by step process to release your inner blocks. After you learn this process, it becomes like second nature! You'll have this tool for life. Through this experience you'll notice you're less triggered by situations you used to feel anxious or upset about. It's that powerful!

That’s over $100 worth of bonuses! And you get it all when you enroll in “Awaken Your Intuitive Powers"

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Ann C.

I feel much more in touch with my intuition and my soul- Amie makes the class experience very easy and direct. The contribution of group members also has been very helpful for me in recognizing how individual and unique we all are. 

Peggy W.

Amie is such a wonderful guide, helping point me back home to myself. I NEVER second guess myself anymore- I mean it! I have gained new insights for my journey that I will never forget. Thank you so much for this life changing experience!!

You've Got Two Choices Now: 


#1 You could try to figure out how to tap into your intuition for the long term on your own  (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).




#2 You can use my tested strategies and tools to deepen you connection to your Soul and step out of the stickiness of uncertainty….starting today. 

You Might Be Wondering, Who Is Teaching Me This Course? 

I am a holistic/spiritual psychotherapist in California and the founder of One Awakening. I have taught hundred of classes, workshops, and courses.


Like many of you, my journey has been filled with a series of significant losses, wake up calls, and dark nights of the soul. I discovered my purpose was to help others awaken to their spiritual divinity, to align with their intuition, to ultimately shatter the glass of illusions that keeps us stuck in suffering.  I feel this calling to bring the tools, resources and community to more than just my circle of clients- but now to the whole world.


Amie Dean, MA, LMFT

CEO of One Awakening 

Is this Course Right for You?

If you have gotten this far this course is most likely for you, however, double check just to make sure :) 


  • Individuals who are ready and willing to deepen the connection with their intuition

  • Seekers that are tired of seeking and are ready to discover the gift of who they are

  • Those who have a high level of commitment to make the time for a 6 week course. This course IS designed to work for those with a busy schedule.


  • Seekers that are content with their lives

  • Those who tend to purchase courses and never start or finish them. Commitment is needed to get the most out of this course!

  • Those who are not dedicated to their inner growth or  higher awareness 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I guarantee you will find this course valuable. If you dedicate your time and energy to this course and you don't come away with a deepened sense of awareness- just let me known within 14 days from purchase, and I'll refund every penny. 


Frequently Asked Questions





The investment is only worth the price if you believe that you truly matter. When is the last time you truly invested in something for yourself? Most healers, teachers and spiritual seekers are so good at giving to others, that we forget to give back to ourselves. 


The bigger question is….Is it worth the investment to stop second guessing yourself, to stop falling into the trap of fear, to relieve the anxiety and depression, and to  finally feel in tune with your Higher Self….every single day? Then your answer is Yes. :) 

I feel Amie's teaching energy to be so pure & healing. Amie’s guided meditations have had a powerful healing effect on my physical body and have strengthened areas that were in need of help.  She’s is also very knowledgeable and supportive. Thank you Amie- I am so grateful to you!!

Jennifer T. 

Time To Go Within And Break Through These Blocks…Once and For All!!

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